Tim Ibrahim


Tim joined Martin Arnold as ICT Manager in 2004, when the practice had only 25 staff. This proved to be a crucial time in the development and growth of Martin Arnold. Tim was able to provide reliable day-to-day support and advice on the possible directions for investment. This enabled the practice to grow, make more efficient use of technology and to stay ahead of the ‘curve’ whilst maintaining a highly reliable and secure Cyber Infrastructure.

During his time with us, Tim has pioneered the use of bespoke Online Collaborations systems, developed multiple websites and kept our technology operational to the benefit of all of our staff.

More recently, Tim has led the Practice in achieving the ISO-27001 Information Security Management System Certified Accreditation & The Government Cyber-Essentials Accreditation. Tim also heads the internal communications team, assisting staff with HR, Marketing, Finance and other day-to-day operational tasks.

Areas of Expertise