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Conservation Specialists

Our sympathetic approach and technical knowledge of current fabric treatment methods allows us to provide our clients with the expert advice required when dealing with the sensitive nature of historic buildings.

We liaise closely with English Heritage and Conservation Officers to understand their expectations and provide the best possible solution to meet these whilst fulfilling our client’s brief.

Our expertise ranges from replacing or enhancing key building elements, through to extensive refurbishment of graded properties.

Measured Surveys

Our clients require accurate floor plans to assess their property stock as part of their asset strategy. Our service provides traditional measured building surveys to all types of building.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of accuracy, giving our client confidence that whatever future plans they have for their property stock that they have reliable information to hand.

Architectural Design

We provide practical and innovative solutions for our Clients' leisure, education, commercial and residential projects. We create the vision to meet our Clients’ expectations by seeking the best possible design outcome whilst optimising project budgets. We listen to our Client's needs to meet their requirements foremost, and always aspire to achieve the highest quality of service to deliver a successful end product that all stakeholders are proud of.

Conscious of the context and respectful of its history we have a sensitive and individual approach towards each design task. We understand that sustainable design starts from the early stages of the design process and requires collaboration of all design team members in order to achieve a successful outcome.

We deliver a common sense approach to the Architecture that delivers innovative designs, which can be efficiently and practically built.

Conceptual Design

Concept design is the starting point of capturing our client’s vision for their project. This is driven by an in-depth analysis of our client’s project briefs to understand their vision and provide a solution that meets their requirements.

A concept will never become reality unless it can be built. Part of this process is to ensure we deliver a design at concept stage that fits in with our client’s budget and that can be constructed. We work closely with our quantity surveying teams to ensure the concept can become a reality.

Design and Build

We pride ourselves on giving our clients a 'common sense' approach in our design solutions. Buildings that we design have to be able to be built.  It is all too often that there is a lack of consideration to the built form through initial concept design. The collaborative approach between our architect's and building surveyors ensure that any design is a buildable solution.

We undertake full production working drawings for a range of clients across all of the sectors that we work in.

Design Appraisals

We provide a full detailed review of a client’s designed building solutions to assess whether their requirements have been met. This involves analysing the proposals against current statutory requirements to ensure compliance, adding value and reducing potential issues in the procurement process.

We always seek to add value and use our experience and technical knowledge to contribute to the proposals where we identify further improvements and efficiencies.

Technical Design

We have significant experience in dealing with Local Authorities at a planning and technical level. We provide and implement our detailed planning knowledge to our designs so that our clients understand the parameters, prior to their recommendations in order to carry out a detailed consultation. This ensures that the planning process runs smoothly, delivering projects to meet the programme.

Our architectural team is experienced in dealing with projects at construction stage, which allows them to provide detailed technical proposals that are fully compliant with statutory requirements and current legislation. This provides our clients with the confidence that their projects will be built to their full satisfaction. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM compliments our innovative and technical approach to the design, construction and maintenance of the built environment. As a result, we are committed to and fully embrace the culture of BIM. Having already achieved BIM compliance, we are progressively working towards fully implementing 4D and 5D BIM.

With our commitment to BIM, our clients gain more control over their projects with improved efficiency at all stages. The BIM process assists us in providing our collaborative approach and enhances our service delivery, resulting in successfully completed projects that meet all stakeholders’ expectations, with continued efficiencies provided through the building's life.

Office Design and Interior Space Planning

Our services extends to designing and managing the works to offices of all scales. We work closely with our clients from the initial concept to understand their varying requirements, to obtain an in-depth understanding of their brand and use this to integrate and define our proposals. Timescales are fundamental to our clients and our project managers ensure that timely decisions are made to remain on programme.

We provide the full technical advice required to fully inform our clients’ decision making process. Having a detailed understanding of the office environment allows us to advise on the critical technical issues such as heating and cooling option appraisals, furniture space planning options and level of specification fit out. We pro-actively budget each stage so that the client can make informed strategic decisions. 

Our experience of working with both main contractors, trade contractors and direct with suppliers provides additional benefit and added value to our clients.

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