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Fire Safety - External Wall Works

Wednesday 16th September 2020

Clients – Various Housing Associations and Private Landlords

Value of Works - £45million over 12 blocks

Over the past 3 years, we have inspected approximately 300 tall buildings to check on certain aspects of their fire safety, namely the external wall build ups. We have assisted our clients to identify any potential works required, whilst assisting them in long term planning and procurement strategies for delivery. We are currently active on a varying range of Fire Safety strategies for our clients from 1 block programmes totalling £500k to 5 year programmes totalling £180million.

Please see our capability statement.

The Road to Rectification

Initially our clients instruct us to undertake an initial site inspection to identify any potential risk buildings and then we complete desktop studies (Phase 1) where we would review the historic information to check wall construction against Compliance, both at the time of construction and new guidance recently issued by the MHCLG.



As with most Phase 1 surveys, we have then been instructed to Phase 2, the intrusive inspection. This where we open key sample areas of the building to confirm if As-Built information is correct and whether compliance was achieved through the installed system. During this phase we have been finding many defective installations where rectification recommendations have been proposed.



At this point we assist clients in given them and their legal teams advice on where the problems found are and where possible liabilities from the original project team.



Our Phase 3 survey completes a Feasibility Study for the block which looks at further recommendations to achieve a fully compliant external wall system.  This includes a programme and initial budget costs based on the As Built information, O&M, H&S files of course the intrusive inspections findings.




Following our 3 Phased Survey approach, to date we have progressed to site activity to rectify the external wall findings on over £45m of construction value to approx. 12 blocks, with more planned over the next 12-18 months.

The example shown with this case study is know as The Bolanachi Building.  Full details can be accessed here. Other examples can be found on the projects page of the website.

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